We are really proud to be able to sponsor Tax Able, which is written and presented by our own Tash (Natasha Heron). As one of our team of friendly experts, Tash gives you a valuable yet manageable insight into how some of the key taxes work and empowers you to make better decisions and know when to seek advice. Her enthusiastic approach to tax transforms it from the traditional dry, dull and depressing topic best avoided by everyone who doesn’t wear a bowler hat, to a living part of your everyday life and how it affects you. That is the friendly part of friendly expertise.

When she’s not writing articles and producing Tax Able, Tash is part of a tax team based mainly in our London office, where she delivers advice to clients on a wide range of tax issues, keeping them safe and ensuring that they only pay as much tax as they should.

If you are interested in sponsoring please contact help@taxable.uk

Sponsor - Hillier Hopkins | Leading Chartered Accountants & Tax advisers
About Hillier Hopkins

Hillier Hopkins is a leading Chartered Accountants and tax advisers. We provide accounting, audit and tax advice to individuals and businesses in the UK and overseas. Our clients range from small family enterprises to large international companies and everything in between.

Whatever stage your business is at, or whatever your plans, getting the right tax advice early can help minimise the impact of tax on you and your business and avoid unpleasant surprises later. Our friendly and experienced team offer expert advice with a pragmatic approach to the commercial challenges you face. We aim to simplify the maze of tax and give you a wealth of technical know-how at your fingertips.

Our offices are based in London, Watford and Milton Keynes but our clients aren’t just UK based. We advise individuals and businesses worldwide – particularly in the US where we have significant tax expertise. We are the UK member of TGS Global, an international network of over 4,000 professional advisers, helping to link our clients with opportunities around the world.

If you need specialist advice, or just want a different and more friendly approach than some others, get in touch to see how we can help. Initial consultations are free, so call Hillier Hopkins today on 0330 024 3200 or visit us as hillierhopkins.co.uk.